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Milestone Survey 2010 Glen Taylor School
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20th October Cluster Celebration

- Oh what a wonderful sharing to end this amazing 3 year Contract
The "I have a dream ..." speech, unexpected but a rousing mind blowing expression of Glen Taylor's journey and celebration.
It makes interesting reading - remember to read it with the same power and intonation as did Martin Luther King on that great day!

"My fellow educators I am happy to join with you today in what will go down in history as the greatest clusterisation for ICT in the history of our nation.
3 score and 6 months ago we came together to witness 2 great New Zealanders efforts to change a nations thinking. This momentous decree came as a great beacon of light of hope to hundreds of students throughout our cluster as at last they would be freed from the chains of normality.
Today my friends, let us not wallow in the valley of despair, even though the milestone writing is upon us it is time instead to rise up and celebrate our efforts to raise student achievement.
I have a dream …………
That one day our students will be able think independently and drive themselves to finding solutions based on their ability to describe, define and identify issues that affect them and to be able to sit down together and seek resolutions.
I have a dream …….
That as we move our students from multistructual to relational thinking they can see their world as not parts and wholes but as sequential analogies of the causes and effects that they can contribute to.
I have a dream ……….
That as a cluster we can continue on with our journey to become extended abstract thinkers enabling our future leaders to make generalisations and to be able to evaluate situations so that they can make predictions that will ensure this great nation continues to grow.
Today ICT cluster we have a dream …………..
That our five schools will not be judged by the content of their curriculum coverage but by the character of the students who are great thinkers.

And so let thinking reign from the hallowed walls of your classroom
Let thinking reign from every ICT tool in your grasp
Let thinking reign through every website you can google
From every cluster school let thinking reign
And when this happens, when we support our students in their thinking journey we can join hands and celebrate …… in the works of the facilitators
Hooked at last Hooked at last
Thank Pam and Julie we are hooked at last."

And running in the background a powerpoint reflecting many of GT's highlights over the 3 years
The Glen Taylor staff rounded off this presentation with a very creative and new rendition of You are my Sunshine - perhaps better named "You are my Contract"
We are Glen Taylor, and we are teachers
Here is our journey of ICT
So come on with us and share our story
And we’ll blow your minds away

When we started we were pre structural
With ideas that went nowhere
Then we got hooked on thinking with Solo
As Pam and Jules showed us the way

Then our next step was uni structual
Just one idea was in our head
With some more training it’s multi structual
I wanna be relational instead

We use define maps to say what it is
And the describe map says what it is like
Then there’s the part whole to show its function
At Glen Taylor we learned heaps

To make predictions there is a sequence
You classify your first ideas
By comparing and contrasting
You can then now generalise

Cause and effect maps were very useful
They helped us to predict events
We made analogies and conclusions
Based on similarities and differences

We met together in this cluster
With Onehunga and Meadowbank
We share together with other schools
Stanhope Road and Newmarket

Extended abstract we like to think is
The pinnacle of thinking
The ICT contract was for 3 years
So please don’t take our maps away

TOD April 1st: (No Joke!)

Presentations by Glen Taylor:

  1. SOLO and Basic UNderstanding for new comers to the Cluster Schools Presented by Dianne Gilroy
  2. SCIENCE Curriculum Planning - Presented by Megan McGaw
  3. Ideas for Using an Interactive whiteboard in the classroom - a discussion and some practical tips. - Presented by Dianne Gilroy

Our Wiki Progress

Over the time of the contract we have set up wikipages. These have grown and developed over time. Their purpose has also changed. Initially they were a "display" tool to showcase the children's work and extra curricular activities. In 2010 they are much more of a teaching and learning tool. Travel back in time with us as we show you our Wiki journey.
Click here to see the Middle School wiki page 2010
Click here to see the Middle School wiki page 2009
Click here to see Room 9 wikipage 2008
Click here to see New Entrants wiki - 2008

During Term 1 the middle syndicate had an exhibition of their learning on the topic "From the Past the Future Grows.". They made video snippets of their learning.

Going Solo

SOLO is used throughout the classroom daily, as a tool for students to see how deep and meaningful is the level of their thinking.
In these photos: Teachers are using SOLO to deepen students' understanding of science concepts. Student thinking is displayed through a Define map.
Define Maps are used to draw out prior knowledge and student thinking about a topic. One teacher used this centred around bullying, carrying on from a news item regarding bullying.

Hover over each photo to see the captions.


Glen Taylor ICT/Thinking Goals / Strategic Plan for 2010

  1. To continue to participate in the ICTPD Contract and support the sustainED - Maungarei kaitiakitanga cluster goal of creating a robust professional e-learning community focused on environmental sustainability within schools and between them.
  2. To develop structures and processes that will enable Glen Taylor to capitalise on, sustain and further develop knowledge for both teaching and learning obtained through the ICTPD Contract beyond 2010.
  3. To enhance student learning through integrating ICT’s across curriculums
  4. To enhance teachers’ confidence and capabilities in using ICT’s throughout their teaching.
  5. To enhance teaching and learning through teachers and students being able to use a wide variety of thinking tools and strategies

Specific Objectives:
· Provide staff with technical support for all ICT’s used
· Provide staff with professional development to be able to use the various software programmes on the Glen Taylor network
· To up-skill teachers in the use of the interactive white boards in the school. Both 2 Touch and Smart
· To keep staff regularly informed of websites that are valuable resources to both teaching and learning.
· Run staff training sessions to demo various new websites
· To build knowledge / a resource kit with a variety of thinking tools for teachers to use
· Provide staff with professional development to be able to use the various thinking tools
· Provide staff with an in-depth understanding of SOLO and how it can be used in all curriculums
· Provide staff with an in-depth understanding of the HOT maps
· Devise a possible way that could measure/indicate how ICTs and Thinking tools assist in raising student achievement, especially in the areas of Literacy and Numeracy
· Develop a long term (3 year) strategic plan for both Thinking and ICT
· Set up a system whereby staff can request and receive assistance with ICT in their classroom
· Set up a system whereby staff can request and receive assistance with Thinking Tools in their classroom
· Regularly (twice a term or when needed) review the goals and objectives for ICT & Thinking

Term 1

Middle School Report

From the past the future Grows was the focus for the middle school topic in term 1. The children exhibited their learning, took a video of the exhibition performance and produced a DVD to send to its partner school in England.
To see the Middle Team's wiki click this link: The Middle school set up a wiki to support their learning

ICT and Mothers' Day

Assembly by Rooms 7 & 9

The students of room 7 and 9 produced a MSPhotostory to celebrate mothers' day which was played in assembly to Josh Groban's "You raise me up". We are still working on how to put the music on the Photostory itself. The assembly was very moving and there were many teary eyes in the school hall.

ICT & Maths

Term 2

Staff Meeting 1:

SOLO Taxonomy as Model of Learning
ICT Lead Teacher Dianne Gilroy took a staff meeting on SOLO Taxonomy

Staff Meeting 2:

SOLO Taxonomy and HOT Visual Mapping
ICT Lead Teacher Dianne Gilroy took a staff meeting on SOLO Taxonomy and HOT Visual Mapping and Self- assessment rubrics

Term 3

Walking the Walls at GlenTaylor School in September 2010



TERM 4 2010 - A New SmartBoard in stalled into a Classroom

Excitment and high motivation came to Room 7 with the installation of a Smartboard into the classroom - we hear the children are very protective of it - Go Room 7!!!


Term 1

We began the year by setting our school-wide goals for 2009.
They are:
  • to implement school wide planning on a Science theme using SOLO and HOT maps.
  • To educate new staff on HOT maps and SOLO and have all staff use them in their teaching and assessment.
  • To provide in-house professional development for new staff:

(i) to let them know what the contract is about
(ii) to educate them on HOT maps and SOLO and how to use them in their planning and assessment
(iii) to enable all classes to have a wiki

The introduction of 'Feet First' as our theme for term 2 and beyond. We are well underway with the above.

We began with a full staff meeting to introduce the FeetFirst Curriculum Resource planning for Term 2
Wednesday 18 March 2009

Key Understanding: Walking benefits people, places and the planet.

The Feet First curriculum resource challenges students to ask, “walking: what difference can I make?” It is designed to help students to answer the following subsidiary questions:
  1. Define walking.
  2. Explain the benefits of walking.
  3. Predict how using sustainable transport such as walking might improve people, places and the planet.

The Feet First Curriculum Resource connects students to the people, places and environments around them, encourages them to be actively involved participants and contributors to the well-being of their communities and environments, and provides experiences to develop critical and creative thinking and decision making (the New Zealand Curriculum Vision, page 8).

The resource is pedagogically designed to be consistent with the eight New Zealand Curriculum Principles of community engagement, Treaty of Waitangi, inclusion, coherence, future focus, high expectations, cultural diversity and learning to learn (the New Zealand Curriculum Principles, page 11).
Each Feet First Learning Area Resource includes the New Zealand Curriculum Values to be encouraged modelled and explored (the New Zealand Curriculum Values, page12), and the Key Competencies to be developed (the New Zealand Curriculum Key Competencies, page12), including example self-assessment rubrics.

The learning experiences and the success criteria in the self assessment rubrics have been designed against the Structure of Observed Learning Outcomes (SOLO Taxonomy), Biggs, J. & Collis, K. (1982).

For a more detailed explanation of SOLO Taxonomy you can read this HOT Differentiated Curriculum Model article -http://hooked-on-thinking.com/wiki/doku.php.

To view Room 1 Year 3's wiki click HERE
To view Room 2 Year 2's wiki click HERE
To view Room 3 Year 1's wiki click HERE
To view Room 4 Year 0-1's wiki click HERE

To view Room 12 Year 8's wiki click HERE

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Staff Meeting: ICT Lead Teacher, Dianne Gilroy, took staff meeting on the new learning gained from attending the ULearn 09 Conference in Christchurch.

Students Make Doco:

The day John Key came to launch the National Standards a group of Year 8 students documented the entire event. They had to compete with all the TV crews

Filming the PM

Here is just a tiny excerpt of the kids video:


We have had a busy first term and have successfully completed the planning for our intergrated topic for next term using Solo Taxonomy. Thank you, Julie. Teachers also had a productive day with David and seem more interested in giving things a go.
Lin Avery

Term 1

First Steps

Teachers and pupils at Glen Taylor School have taken their first steps into the world of learning, sharing and gaining confidence in the ICT environment. Some teachers have set up class wilkis and both students and teachers are enjoying this experience.
Click here to see Room 1.
Click here to see Room 2.

Click here to see Room 4.

We have set up a pod of 4 computers in the library which the lead teachers are using at lunchtime to teach ICT skills and the use of specific programmes like Photostory. 2 Students are chosen from each class to attend these tutorials and in turn they then teach other pupils in their classrooms. This form of peer tutoring is working wonders in the classrooms.

My New entrant class worked on "Places we belong" and did an assembly presentation of our learning. We made venn diagrams and sorted ourselves into groups we belonged to. My pupils were facinated by the "overlaps/common groups. They then had to bring in things from home that reflected their culture. As a whole class activity pupils shared what they had brought and talked about why these things were special to them. We discussed the things that were common to all groups and things that were different ie "Compare and contrast"

I took photos of the pupils in their cultural clothes or with their jewelry/ornaments/photographs/pictures etc. and put together a Photostory. Each child dictated what they wanted to say about their picture. We shared this photostory at our assembly presentation.
Room 3 and 4 Assembly Presentation Preba

Dianne Gilroy

More First Steps

As Preba made mention of the very successful planning the teachers are now keyed up to an exciting Term 2 working through our science unit titled Tahuna Torea. We will start with define maps, part whole maps ... wow all these concept maps (HOT HOT) which really bring the teaching and learning alive. Keep watching this space as we post our progress throughout the term.
Dianne Gilroy

BubbleShare: Share photos - Play some Online Games.

Term 2

The students and teachers are well under way with our unit centred around Tahuna Torea, exploring through questioning, experimenting and use of the concept maps. We are sharing the "controversies" with our students, (daily/weekly) giving rise to reflective, thoughtful discussions within our rooms.

Term 3

Onward and Upward
Room14 are well underway with their wiki. Click here to view Rm14
More exciting news will follow shortly.

Edwina George

Pacifica HeART

We began term 3 with a whole school trip to the Pacifica HeART beat festival at the Aotea Centre on the first week back. All students enjoyed the experience and participated in all the workshops. The weaving and musical workshops proved very popular. Both teachers and parent volunteers had an exciting day.

We would like to share our colourful experience with you all.....just click to view our pictures.album

We are just learning how to 'share albums' and find our use of ICTs rather challenging.

Term 4