ad Teacher Days


Lead Teacher Day #1

5 March 2008


Lead Teacher Day #2

11 June 2008

Lead Teacher Day #3

27 August 2008

Rebecca Kissick Meadowbank School Enviro Virtual Tour Presentation Google Earth Project.ppt

Lead Teacher Day #4

5 November 2008

Vicky Perry from Maungawhau came in and shared her school's cyber safety proceedure with us. She asked us some very challenging questions and shared the Maungawhau cyber safety document with us. School

The slide show below illustrates the written responses from the Lead Teachers to the questions posed by Vicky.


Lead Teacher Day #1 (#5)

4 March report

Lead Teacher Day #2 (#6)

3 June 2009

Lead Teacher Day #3 (#7)

26 August 2009

Lead teacher day # 4 (#8)

4 November 2009 - Stanhope School

Our New Entrants Want To Move Out of "Prehistoric" - Notes Taken From Lead Teacher Feedback Session

SustainED Lead Teachers had an opportunity to talk with CORE Education National ictpd Facilitator Tessa Gray at their recent Lead Teacher Meeting held on November 4 at Stanhope Road School.

Tessa Gray our national facilitator introduced us to the following resources for us to sustain our ICT/e-learning initiatives post contract and with new lead teachers in 2010.

Leading Learning wiki

Educational practices pdf

ICTPD stragegic planning wiki

Education infrastructure wiki

ICT PD online archive

ICT PD homegroups netvibes

Core change management wikispaces


Lead Teacher Day # 1 (#9)

3 March 2010


SustainEd Wallwisher


Lead Teacher Day Newmarket Primary
Introduction/Session 1
Edith gave feedback on her L@S conference
Pam gave a summary of the keynote by Stuart Middleton,
Key note at Learning@Schools : Dr Stuart Middleton: School Looks Good but is it Inviting
Lynne shared her new learning trials and tribulations using Google Calendar-regularly updated by management. Email feeds daily by school email-fed into Iphones which some staff members have issued. Eventually all teachers will be able to enter dates-each teacher has personal email on Google account
Sonya shared their platform-everything is totally blocked out to public-invited to trial
MOE required portfolios-in first week there were 1500 emails between students-who is going to monitor these? All teachers and students work through content on online safety-no personal details-to e published online at all-work through an award system-one challenge-cant hyperlink outside because of Web2 challenges that students can face-An approach to good journalism which teaches students good editing
E portfolios
When portfolios disappoint Slideshare by Hooked-on-thinking
A slideshare is available on how to get deeper learning outcomes so that there is not shallow learning outcomes. There is a lot of froth about portfolios but the question is the quality
Check what you want to put in as an expectation/including values/key competencies
Align learning outcomes/assessment-portfolios select a range of outcomes say five multi-structural /relational/extended abstract-a range of learning experiences
Discussion centred around issues challenges around portfolios that each school. Online learning systems/clunky systems/issues/not using interactive-maybe wikis are the simplest form. Katrina kids had a digital surface/watch with a critical eye/parents had access to comment/could wikis achieve the same/be very critical don’t be captured by the travelling salesman
Pam gave an overview of constructive alignment .What makes a difference-actually teach your students don’t have a romantic view of what learning is-we can make a difference don’t stand to the side be directly involved with learning
Profiling a Class
Planned strategies and processes are valuable to assess/evaluate learning. Pam can send to anyone a copy of the student regulated/teacher regulated self Regulated Strategies-how frequently and how flexibly are these strategies used
SOLO TAXONOMY: Where to Next?
Introduce Solo/Language/Common Language of Learning
Look at existing practices –create a resource of thinking interventions-toolboxes against Learning outcomes
Shared ICT resources that were added to Wallwisher created for Lead teacher Day

Lead Teacher Day # 2 (#10)

19 May 2010


Lead Teacher Day # 3 (#11)

18 August 2010


Educamp 2010 (Sonya)
Geotagging and Geocaching (Sonya)
Creating Google Maps (Sonya)
New ICT Applications (Sonya and Joey)
Milestone Reporting Requirements (Julie)
Building a shared cluster unit - Exploring Place (Lead Teachers)