Learning at Schools Conference 2009

Please use this page to share your experiences/thoughts and reflections from the Learning@Schools 09 conference. Please submit your contributions under the appropriate school headings.


Learning@Schools kicked off with a truly inspirational keynote from Andy Hargreaves but he was even better one on one! It was a relief for Rebecca K and Edith when their breakouts were over but Rebecca W had to wait till Breakout 5 before she could relax. Thanks to those who supported us - Pam, Julie and David. It's amazing where 90 minutes can go to. Sympathy must go to Rebecca K who had no luck with her Internet connection for her presentation - great to hear how she rose above adversity. All three of us attended Linda Lehrke's "Researching the Unknown" Breakout which was very stimulating! For those of you who missed or don't use Apples, it contained much of the material Jacqui Sharp covers in her workshop on integrating ICT and her book - Word and Powerpoint "Worksheets and Activities" has it all covered. The other useful book is her "Graphic Organisers" which comes with a CD and uses Inspiration and Word. Linda showed us how to become better publishers using IT. Another useful tip was her recommendation to use Google Advanced Search.
We have come back with lots to consider from the conference and also have lots to do this year as lead teachers. At Meadowbank we've arrived back to PATs and World Mathletics Day being filmed live for TV3 Breakfast on Wednesday!!

Edith shared her notes from the conference at a whole school staff meeting and passed on the handouts she received to the team leaders and all her year 6 team.

Room 13 and Edith Cross:
"Researching the Unknown" ( Linda Lehrke) has been used in conjunction with Jacqui Sharp's books because we use Microsoft not Apples. My class have made improved use of photos as opposed to clipart. They also are using the Advanced Search on Google to improve researching skills.
Overall, presentations of work, such as Current Events, are of a much higher standard as a direct result of the information I received at this breakout.
We have set up a class Glogster account and examples of this can viewed at our Eureka blog: http://inspirationalinventions.wordpress.com
Our use of this has come about directly as a consequence of the Rotorua Learning at Schools Conference by David Kinane who passed on what he learnt to myself.
I found the whole conference very inspiring and have made full use of what I learnt in the classroom with the children benefitting greatly.

Edith Cross' Presentation

Rebecca Kelleher's Presentation

Rebecca Ward's Presentation

Glen Taylor


Learning@Schools was an amazing conference and yes it was truly inspirational! We enjoyed presenting in breakout 6 and felt that it went really well as teachers were keen participants with lots of questions about SOLO taxonomy! Thanks to the people that supported us -David, Pam and Julie. It was a great opportunity to network with other teachers and to get to know our lead teachers from our own cluster, shout out to the Stanhope crew and the green machine!! We attended some excellent breakouts and came away with some great ideas to share with out school. One of my breakouts was on searching using TKI and came away with some useful tips to filter as you search the site. Also using Google Advanced Search was a good tip too. We have arrived back with lots of ideas and are keen to move to the next step with SOLO!

Namrata Ghadiyar-
Milestone report on Learning.doc


Wendy and Eilleen from Newmarket School attended Learnin@Schools as first time participants. We were mightily impressed with the quality of the keynote speakers including our own Pam Hook who included in her keynote video footage of our students self-assessing. What a buzz except we have been inundated with schools wanting to visit and see the teaching and learning using SOLO at Newmarket for themselves. Andy Hargreave's keynote was inspiring and provided much discussion. Wendy was keen to obtain some expertise on Ultranet development and came away well satisfied having mapped our her next steps. Eilleen also gained much from Learning @Schools, she attended range of workshops and returned to school with new strategies to trial. Talkfests with other groups of school leaders and managers over a coffee or three certainly helped clarify and challenge thinking. Other highlights = stretching thinking, playing with the newly purchased iphone, walking around O'Kere falls (hard on the sole but good for the soul) and having a drink in the organic cafe (even better for the soul) and buying several flip videos. Low lights = the tomato sauce incident. Blast I have forgotten how to upload photos on this site - have a lovely photo of the falls - taken with the iphone!
Once back at school we shared highlights from the conference at a school staff meeting. Subsequent to Learnng at School we have now got our Ultranet up and running and two classes are trialling developing 5th walls as per the advice received at the conference and from our facilitators.

Stanhope Road:

I had a fantastic time at this conference and have left feeling extremely motivated to implement some of the things I have learned. The stand out breakout for me was "Thinking without hats and keys", presented my Moira Howard. This breakout has reminded me of the importance of teaching our students relevant topics that relate to their local environments. It was awesome meeting and sharing ideas with the other cluster teachers and confirming that I am on the right track. I am very proud of karen and Joey who presented a great breakout session and who got some real positive feedback. Well done guys! Lesley Browne-Farrell.

Wow wasnt it an awesome few days!! So much to take in! Joey and Karen really enjoyed presenting and were happy they got to do it in the first Breakout session so they could relax for the rest of the week! We all had a fantastic time getting to know the other lead teachers especially the 2 Onehunga chicks! We all came away with things to think about and things we could put into practise right away. The dinner/dance was awesome especially the dancing part!! Right Joey and Pam! A chocolate fish for the best caption for this photo on Wednesday!!